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Anti Slip Checker Plate Special-Shaped Road Drainage Steel Grating

Introduction of anti-slip steel grating:

The anti-slip STEEL grating IS WELDED BY flat steel and twist steel with zigzag shape on one side, which has strong anti-slip ability besides all the characteristics and uses of ordinary steel grating. Especially suitable for wet, slippery place, offshore oil platform, etc. Anti-slip steel grille with hot dip galvanized surface treatment, with strong rust resistance, 30 years of maintenance and replacement free.

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Non-Slip Steel Grating Raw Material Composition

1. Ordinary flat steel: the material is generally Q235. Common models are generally 253 255 303 305 323 325 403 404 405 503 505 605 705 and other specifications. We mainly use longitudinal shear flat steel, and steel plate cutting.
2. Toothed flat steel: the model is the same as the ordinary flat steel, the difference is that there are uneven teeth on one side of the flat steel, mainly in the anti-skid.

Anti-Slip Steel Grating Features

1. By one side is a jagged flat steel welding, in addition to the characteristics and use of ordinary steel grating also has a strong anti-skid ability, especially suitable for wet, slippery places, offshore oil platform;
2. Hot dip galvanized surface treatment, with strong rust resistance,30 years maintenance free and replacement free;
3. The use of high strength carbon steel, so that the steel grid has a very high strength: strength and toughness is much higher than cast iron, can be used in the dock, airport and other large span and heavy load environment;
4. Large mesh with drainage: water leakage area up to 83.3%, is the choice of outdoor stairs;
5. Beautiful appearance: simple lines, silver appearance, modern idea, material saving investment: large span, heavy load, lower than cast iron price.
Four: anti-slip steel grating use
Anti-slip steel grille is widely used in petroleum, chemical, port, electric power, transportation, paper making, medicine, steel, food, municipal, real estate, manufacturing and other fields.

Thickness 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Pitch 30mm, 40mm, 50mm
Width 1000mm, 1250mm
Length 6000mm, 8000mm
Different plate thicknesses are suitable for different occasions. The thicker the plate, the higher the strength, which is suitable for occasions bearing heavy loads; the smaller the plate is, the lighter the weight is, and it is suitable for occasions that need to be moved.
The smaller the hole distance, the better the anti-skid performance, which is suitable for occasions that require anti-skid; the larger the hole distance, the better the air permeability, and it is suitable for occasions that require ventilation.
The larger the plate width and length, the higher the installation efficiency, which is suitable for large-area laying occasions; the smaller the plate width and length, it is suitable for narrow occasions.
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