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Welded fence advantages

1.beautiful, practical, easy to transport and easy to install.
2. high anti-damage performance, good steel, beautiful shape, wide field of view, easy to install, feel bright and easy.
3.suitable bending, made the unique aesthetic effect of such products, and the surface can be treated with a variety of color dipping, the column and mesh with different colors is more pleasing to appreciate, at the same time, such products are mostly used with chassis column, installation only need to set expansion bolt well, very fast.
Applicable occasions: Railway fence, living area fence, field fence, development zone isolation fence, power plant, garden, community and many other fields.
Production process: Coil cold-drawn—cold-drawn wire straightening—cutting—welding—bending –Dip plastic –Destructive inspection –Packaging –Shipping
Strictly speaking ,the type of welded wire fence is much more than the type of fence, it refers to the welded wire mesh, chain link fence, Dutch fence, mesh, rolled wire mesh, diamond mesh, steel mesh and various iron wire fence composition of the fence retaining wall. Wire fence specification style is various, installation is not the same. Welded fence according to the different installation methods can be divided into System installation and non-system installation.


Post time: Mar-30-2023