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field fence / cattle fence / grassland fence/ deer fence / farm fence

field fence is also cattle fence, and the finished product is obtained by weaving hot-dip galvanized wire on the machine. According to different weaving methods, it can be divided into buckle-type field fence and wrap-around field fence.

Its advantages are: the cattle fence is braided with high-strength galvanized steel wire, which has high strength and high tensile force, and can withstand the violent impact of cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock, and is safe and reliable;

The weft adopts rolling process, which enhances the elasticity and cushioning function, and can adapt to the deformation of thermal expansion and contraction, so that the fence is always kept in tension; the structure is simple, easy to maintain, short construction period, small in size and light in weight, easy to transport and install, Ventilation and light transmission will not affect the Applications.

field fence is a fence commonly used to protect ecological balance, protect the natural environment, prevent landslides, prevent grassland degradation, and animal husbandry. Especially in rainy mountainous areas, a layer of sunscreen 120 grams of nylon woven cloth is sewn outside the fence to block sediment flow out.

It can be used not only for grassland construction in pastoral areas, but also for the construction of grasslands and the implementation of fixed-point grazing and grazing in separate columns, which is convenient for the planned use of grassland resources and does not improve grassland utilization and grazing efficiency.

The overall structure of field fence is novel, strong and precise, with flat mesh surface, uniform mesh, strong integrity, strong toughness, not close together, anti-slip, and compression resistance. It is widely used in: zoo fences, construction site fences, captive poultry, slope greening, Landscaping fences, safari parks, grasslands, pastures and other fence grazing and captive breeding places, especially used in pasture fence projects, can play a very important role in realizing rotation grazing and protecting grasslands, and can also be used for precious flowers, forests, Isolation and protection of plantation areas.The product specifications can adjust the mesh size arbitrarily.

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Post time: Mar-22-2023