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Brief Introduction To The Advantages Of Steel Grating

The production method of the steel grating is that the pressure-welded steel grating is composed of the load flat steel and the horizontal bars arranged at a certain distance, and is welded into the original plate by 200 tons of hydraulic resistance welding automation equipment. Processed into products required by customers. It can replace concrete or asphalt as a large area pavement for steel structure bridges. The sheet is non-slip, safe, ventilated and transparent, and is also suitable for environments with high air permeability requirements. It has the advantages of low vehicle passing noise, smooth upper surface, no dead corners for water storage, and good corrosion resistance. Steel grating can save costs. After the steel grating is processed, the service life can be as long as 30 to 50 years, which effectively avoids the cost increase caused by the second purchase of cement cover or cast iron cover due to load-bearing fragmentation. Compared with traditional concrete or asphalt pavement, the friction force is large in ice and snow weather, so the large longitudinal slope bridge engineering scheme is implemented in the northern snow or frozen area. The steel grating is light in weight per unit area, which can reduce the cost of pavement per unit area, and also reduce the weight of the main structure of the bridge, thereby reducing the cost of the main structure of the bridge. The grid plate can be conveniently placed in a given position, with a characteristic shape and structure, easy to grasp with multiple hands, and installed at the same time, basically without the help of other tools. There is no need to block roads during maintenance, which is convenient for later maintenance and reduces maintenance costs.


Post time: Oct-10-2022